Hendor has entered into a partnership with Galber of Mexico from January 1, 2023.
Together, the companies will work to optimize the supply of high-quality chemical pumps and filters for the surface finishing industry in Mexico.

Innovation, service and partnership
With this partnership, Hendor continues to build on its strategy to provide the surface finishing industry with smart technology for future generations. Galber will act as certified non-exclusive distributor of all Hendor pumps, filters and service.

Hendor highly values its service and believes it has found an equal partner in Galber. Both family businesses attach great importance to innovation, service and partnership. To ensure this, Galber will hold its own stock in Guadalajara to supply customers as quickly as possible. In addition, training sessions with the sales team are organized on a regular basis to convey Hendor’s years of knowledge and expertise in a thorough manner.

Kees Stigter, Global Sales Director at Hendor, on the partnership:
“With Galber, Hendor has partnered with an experienced and respected supplier in Mexican surface treatment market. In over 50 years of experience, Galber has built an extensive network with national coverage in Mexico. Its professional management and long-standing cooperation with well-known chemical suppliers from Europe and the United States, provide an excellent starting point for a successful collaboration between
our two companies. With on-site training at Galber and ongoing technical advice from the Netherlands, Hendor underscores the positive prospects for our cooperation.”

Andrés Álvarez, Galber CEO, on the partnership:
“As part of our value promise and with the goal of offering our customers an increasingly complete solution, Galber is entering into a strategic alliance with Hendor. With this, we as Galber bring our customers a new line of high-quality and innovative products, continuing to reinforce our value promise: to be a strategic partner for the electroplating industry in Mexico.”

About Hendor
Hendor is an innovative manufacturer of high quality corrosion resistant chemical pumps and filters. Based in the Netherlands and founded in 1948. For 75 years, Hendor has manufactured and supplied a wide range of high-quality pumps and filters for the metalworking industry, printed circuit boards, connectors and semiconductors.

About Galber
Founded by a Mexican entrepreneurial family, Galber was initially dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of products for the electroplating industry. For more than 50 years, Galber has worked to improve and develop processes that have enabled the company to grow and achieve business goals. With the passage of time and the will the founder managed to instill along with the current CEO, Galber became synonymous with service, quality and support for small, medium and large companies in
the industry. Recently, the family business has evolved into a multi-division enterprise that strives to be a leader in industrial sectors by offering customers a variety of solutions for surface treatment, packaging materials and industrial chemicals, integrated by worldclass products, technology, highly-qualified services and equipment.

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