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    We guarantee lower production costs in anodized finishes through a comprehensive solution that includes certified quality products, additives backed with German technology, and specialized technical service in superior finishes.

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    Company specialized in the manufacture of additives for anodizing and chemical treatment of aluminum, steel and zinc surfaces.

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    Degreasers are key products for the surface preparation stage in Aluminum tratment processes, their function is to remove oils, greases and dirt that may adhere to the parts in previous processes.

    Galber Degreasers for aluminum processes offer low attack to the base metal, in solid or liquid presentations, excellent for removing polishing pastes, with low foaming, in addition to avoiding intermediate rinses such as rinsing prior to pickling high durability satin finish.

    Get to know our aluminum degreaser catalog.

    Special degreasers for Aluminum:

    • Degreaser for slightly alkaline anodizing

    Degreasers for aluminum pretreatment:

    • Acid Degreaser
    • Near Neutral pH degreaser


    We offer:

    • Long-lasting alkaline pickling additives for decorative matte finishes.


    We offer:

    • Additives for sulfuric acid deoxidizing baths, free of nitrates, chromates and fluorides. (Avoid intermediate rinses between deoxidizing and anodizing).


    Additives to improve coloring properties at higher temperatures. Our additives increase the hardness of the anodic layer. They reduce the energy requirement in the anodizing tank.

    We offer:

    • Additives for Hard/Long-lasting anodizing.

    The inks in the anodizing processes are additives used to give specific colors to the treated aluminum parts and profiles.

    We offer:

    • Additives for the stabilization of the electro color bath and subsequent adjustment in tin-based 2-stage coloring.
    • Additives for Electro color.
    • Organic Inks.

    Aluminum seals are special additives for the final finishing processes of a treated piece, their function is to protect the integrity of the worked piece and give it longevity.

    We offer:

    • Medium temperature and high temperature heavy metal free sealing additives.
    • Additives for cold sealing with a subsequent hot sealing.

    **Our Additives meet the requirements established by Qualanod

    They can be used for high performance horizontal and vertical lines (spray and immersion).

    We offer:

    • Degreasers / strippers for aluminum and galvanized steel.
    • Degreasers / strippers for aluminum, zinc and steel surfaces.


    • Chromic
    • Chromium free
    • They can perform a coating that provides greater paint adhesion. Designed for horizontal and vertical high performance lines (sprinkling and immersion).

      We offer:

      • Chromic conversion for zinc and aluminum.
      • Conversion from titanium to aluminum.
      • Zirconia conversion for aluminum, zinc and steel surfaces (can substitute iron phosphate).

    Increase the life of the pickling tank, generating considerable savings.

    We offer:

    • Corrosion inhibitors.

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